Concertina Music

About me


Who am I and what am I doing?

My name is Michel Van der Meiren. I was born in 1955 in Brecht, Belgium. Since 1996, I work as a Senior Consultant for GFI-EMD, an IBM Premium Business Partner. Although I am a IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer - Lotus Notes and Domino 6/6.5, my current job is programming HTML, CSS and JavaScript for TME. My daily work is to help and advise in the development of their websites worldwide and to ensure the highest quality possible of the coding involved.


The last 10 years, I almost exclusively developed Internet applications with Domino, ranging from Internet sites to Intranets and Web based collaboration platforms. Together with a team of EMD developers I've build a WCMS in Domino to maintain over a 100 internet sites. It was native XML with lots of Ajax 'avant la lettre'. LotusScript handled the XSLT transformations and publishing. We are still very proud of this.

My private live

I have a teenage daughter, and I spend lots of time with her, cooking for her and playing computer games. I also collect and paint Fantasy Wargames figurines and make terrain pieces for these games for over 15 years now. I never played a single game in my life though.

During weekends, I travel all across Europe to play Argentinian Tango. I am the double-bass player, the chauffeur and entertainer of the orchestra. I once made a personal site in Domino on Tango music. It is still online, but I haven't done any major update during the last 5 years. So visit my if you want to hear some Tango music or see some coding from way back. Note: go to the old site, I am reworking it at present.

Recently, I took up playing the English Concertina, so I am working on a website to share my learning experience with other players.