Concertina Music

A waltz, a spooky jig and a tango romanza


These are today's additions to the tunes section.

The waltz is called 'Archie's Fancy' and it's originally played on Northumbrian smallpipes. This was a tune recommended in a post on, and I liked it so much that I've added it to my daily playlist.

'The Halloween Jig': well, that's another story. As you probably have noticed, I am constantly on the watch for the 'odd ones out'. And this is a jig that makes you picture captured pirates marching to the gallow, still singing 'Yoho' but in a slighter melancholic voice.

And then there's this tango: 'Divina'. Alfredo, our beloved tango chef and master bandoneon player who has become 80 years of age now, played this tune for me. He's going to put it on our repertoire. I never heared it before, but it's mega beautiful.