Concertina Music

A jig, a reel and three... what should I call them?


Probably as an excuse for not washing up the dishes, I've added five more tunes.


There is 'The Steamboat', a jig, probably from the morris dance repertoire.

And then 'Drowsy Maggie', a very popular reel with fiddle players. I'd only wish they didn't play it so fast. It 'll take me ages to learn it up to speed.

Novelty tunes

And then there are three what I call 'novelty tunes'. They are not part of the normal folk repertoire. One comes out of a Disney film: The Aristocats. Another is composed by H.Mancini, the same who composed The Pink Panther. And the last one is a Wiener waltz, so from the classical domain. All three of them very compelling melodies. I learned to play in pubs, and we played anything the audience liked to hear, not only trad. stuff.