Concertina Music

Schottisch à Béthanie

2009-05-19, tags: scottisch, duo

Arranged for 2 melody instruments.

If you compare the chords as played by diatonic accordeons, you will see a lot of difference. When two traditional musicians play together, one will play the melody. The other will invent a 'natural' second voice to it, using a distinct folk harmony (which is different from jazz or classical harmony). I made the second voice, and then looked at which chords fitted it.

Since diatonic accordeons usually play the melody and a bass/chord accompagnement with the left hand, they tend to spice up this bass/chord part to such an extend that a natural second voice is no longer possible. And it's impossible to make them aware of that...

Classical and jazz musicians often make the same mistake when trying to play traditional music. Small note: Argentine tango is also based on these natural second voices.