Concertina Music

Sabotière de Nonceveux

2008-07-31, tags: easy, duo

A traditional clog dance from Wallonie, Belgium.

'Sabot' is French for clog. Sabotière is a female clog maker.

The word "sabotage" is derived from this word: during the industrial revolution, protesting factory workers put their wooden shoes in the machines in order to jam them. This dance tune is almost a jig. The 'forte' and 'piano' indications are original, which is exceptional in traditional music: since most of the time, we play acoustic with a few instruments, we have to play as loud as possible. In the old days, it was not uncommon for one single violin player to play for a barn full of dancers.

EC and piano: use -score.pdf and -concertina.pdf

Latest addition: I've added a version for two concertinas or concertina and clarinet:

-ec2.pdf and -clarinet.pdf